History of Stafford Estates

Stafford Estates is located at the corner of McKamy Creek and Simmons Road, which was previously home to Culwell Ranch.  The Culwell family owned approximately 500 acres in Flower Mound.  In the mid-1930's, W.E. Culwell provided Southern Methodist University a Shetland pony to replace its mascot which was killed in a car accident, beginning a tradition of the SMU mascot living on Culwell ranch which lasted until 1993.

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Community Pool

Stafford Estates' Community Pool is open to all Stafford Estates residents.

Kids 12 and under must be supervised by an adult (18+) at all times at the pool. This is a safety issue.
Please remind your children to respect our shared property. The neighborhood pool is the second largest expense our annual dues incur, and extra expenses hurt our budget. Thank you for your continued support in helping to keep the pool area pleasurable for all Stafford Estates residents.

Vandalism/Abuse at the pool or Fence-Jumping - If you see something wrong, please address with the individual(s) directly, call a board member, or, call the Flower Mound Police Department Non-Emergency number (972-539-0525) for Criminal Trespassing.

If your family needs a pool key to access the pool, send an email to pool@staffordestates.org.  The fee is $25.

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Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Stafford Estates Homeowners Association is governed by it's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR). This document details the use and improvement of lots, architecture, membership and voting, dues, and other general provisions.

The current version of the CCRs can be downloaded from this site or you can email your request to the HOA CCR Enforcement Officer.

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